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At Divorce Settlement Solutions, we will help you navigate through the financials of your divorce while working towards a settlement that you believe to be best for you.  Divorce is going to force you to make some of the biggest financial and emotional decisions of your life. We understand that you are in an emotionally challenged place and may be willing to accept settlement agreements without fully understanding the short and long term financial implications. It's crucial that you have a clear understanding not only of your current finances but of your finances moving forward. 

Questions to consider before you divorce: 


·     Is the settlement that my spouse is proposing fair? Should I sign what my spouse is telling me to sign?

·     How will I know if what I agree to today will not bankrupt me in the future?

·     What are the tax implications of my settlement? Why do I have to pay all the taxes if I need money?

·     What should I do with the money that I receive to put me and my family in the best possible financial shape? Will I receive financial support?

·     What are the risks associated with this settlement? Have all the marital assets been declared?

·     Is this my only option? Are there other ways to divorce other than litigation?

·     What is the cost to me and my family and will my children be protected?      


Our team is here to provide the best answers for you.

The division of assets are done one of two ways.  You and your spouse can agree on how to split your assets or you can let the court do it for you. Either way you can't divide what you don't know exists. 

A sound financial plan starts by addressing your personal needs. A sound divorce settlement starts by exploring
all your options. Don't settle for what someone tells you what you are worth. Settle for what you are entitled to.

Let our knowledge and expertise guide you as you move forward.

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