Money and Divorce

Philip P. Rusnak RIA, CDFA
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Divorce Settlement Solutions

Protecting Your MaritalĀ  Assets




At Divorce Settlement Solutions, we will help navigate you through the financial aspects of your divorce so that you will be assured of getting the best possible settlement.


During this emotional time, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of your financial picture, not just in the present but for the future.  Hasty decisions can hurt you.


There are a few questions that you should make sure you have the answers to before you divorce:


·        Is the settlement that my spouse is proposing fair?

·        How will I know if what I agree to today will  not bankrupt me in the future?

·        What are the tax implications of my settlement?

·        What should I do with the money that I receive to put me and my family in the best possible financial shape?

·        What are the risks associated with this settlement?

·        Is this my only option?

·        What is the cost to me and my family - will my children be protected?


We answer those questions for you.


The division of assets are done one of two ways.  You and your spouse can agree on how to split your assets or you can let the court do it for you. 


If the court decides - you may not like the outcome. So we work with you and your attorney before it goes to court to negotiate the best possible settlement for you.  We make sure your interests are protected in all settlement negotiations.


We will show you how the court evaluates your marital assets and what they are really worth.


Let our knowledge and expertise guide you.

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