Divorce Settlement Solutions

Protecting Your MaritalĀ  Assets


  • Each spouse meets with professionals they believe can assist in educating them about the elements of a final divorce decree.
  • Mediation is used as a forum for collaborative decision making.
  • Interest-based, private process using a facilitated mediation model.
  • Shifts decision making power to the couple.
  • Uses professionals to educate and prepare couples for mediation, allowing them to make decisions that are unique to family or individual needs.
  • Couples can get advice from qualified professionals in specific areas such as finances and parenting.
  • Best for couples who can communicate their future interests, needs, and abilities and are committed to making well-considered decisions.
  • Flexible
  • Streamlined process
  • Innovatively structured for faster resolution
  • Potentially lower costs
  • Couples work with the professionals they need:
  • Mediator helps you negotiate
    • Encourages cooperation and compromise
    • Keeps the process on track
    • Offers “constructive” criticism
  • Mediator cannot give any financial advice
  • Financial neutral – helps to eliminate the fear of being taken advantage of
    • Think Financially
    • You will have a lifetime to live with your decision
    • Equitable is not always fair
    • Four Step Process
      • Data collection
      • Data analysis
      • Develop workable settlement agreements
      • Follow through
  • Child specialist - deals specifically with child issues        
  • Attorneys are typically involved at settlement

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