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Divorce Settlement Solutions

You Can't Choose if You Don't Know You Have a Choice!


Tradition of Litigation

 Tradition has been to "litigate" with the objective to fight for "what is mine", I have to "win" mentality.  It is based on an adversarial model that is expensive, antagonistic, doesn't promote communication and very time consuming. Litigation and children don't mix. Litigation is one way but not the only way.

You divorce may be over but you don't have to destroy each other in the process.

If you feel like you can openly communicate with your spouse in a respectful manner, willing to accept what's fair and reasonable , willing to be transparent with your finances, wanting what's best for your children (if you have children, remember they are watching you), cost conscious and think that you may be able to work out a settlement with the help of "neutral" professionals, then you may be a candidate for one of the  Alternative Dispute Resolution Models as described below. 

Are These Alternatives Right For You?

If you are looking for something different and find any of the following valuable for you, Collaborative Practice or Mediation may be what you are looking for:

  • I want to preserve a relationship with the other party.
  • I want to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of my family.
  • I wish to minimize the emotional and financial costs for my family and me.
  • I choose to avoid having the court make decisions.
  • I choose to work together with my spouse/partner/family member to find creative solutions that will meet each of our needs.
  • I believe that it is important to move past current frustrations, pain and anger and plan for the future.
  • I choose to be part of the planning process in reaching a resolution; not one imposed upon me by the court.


Divorce Mediation

If you and your spouse want to have an amicable divorce and avoid the expense of hiring two separate divorce lawyers, divorce mediation could be the best option for you. Mediation is often a great option for a couple that wants a single, trained divorce lawyer to help educate them on the choices available, and help the couple reach reasonable agreements.

A family law divorce mediator will help you through the entire mediation and divorce process, and since attorneys aren’t needed in meetings, costs are generally much lower. Our divorce mediators can help you discuss parenting plans, child support, property division, and financial goals.

Collaborative Divorce

If you’re looking to resolve your family dispute and divorce without going to court, you should consider collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce attorney can help you skip the courtroom and resolve the issues of  your divorce through a collaborative law team and process.

Collaborative law practice uses a team approach which includes neutral professionals – financial experts, mental health professionals, and child specialists.  Collaborative law services using a holistic approach to divorce, frequently helps couples avoid negativity and hostility which preserves a good co-parenting relationship after divorce.        

Important Decision

Determining which option is best for you and your family is a not an easy choice. Let us help you decide if Litigation, Mediation or Collaborative Divorce is the right choice for you and your family.