Divorce Settlement Solutions

Protecting Your MaritalĀ  Assets

The IDFA™ highly recommends that any person getting a divorce seek legal counsel. The role of a CDFA™ is to assist the attorney, not replace the attorney.

When contemplating a divorce, the first professional that comes to mind is an attorney. Typically a financial advisor is not considered until after the divorce becomes final. This can be a huge mistake. Not all attorneys are experts on answering financial questions. Your attorney is an expert in the law, but they do not necessarily know how to answer intricate financial details that concern tax issues, IRS rulings, capital gains, dividing pensions, etc. An attorney and a CDFA™ can complement each other, especially if your case is litigated. A CDFA™ can act as an expert witness who has worked on your case right from the start.

If both husband and wife come to agree that they can not compromise on their own private settlement arrangement, then selecting the right attorney becomes a very important decision. Having worked with many credible attorneys in the area, we can assist in matching both parties up with an attorney who will be an advocate for each parties specific needs and concerns. My staff and I in no way advertise that we can take the place of an attorney. We do not provide legal advice, but our expertise can cut the cost of a long court proceeding by paving the way to a fair settlement for each spouse.

For Attorneys:

A CDFA™ is like a financial zoom lens, allowing you to stay in control of your cases while delegating the tedious details to a financial forensic expert. 

My goal is to be a vital member of your team.  At any point in the process, I can play any one or all of the support roles described below...


   •  Litigation Strategy Support:  Before the case is even filed, I can
      detail the financial implications for different divorce settlement
      strategies so you can negotiate the most financially advantageous
      settlement for your client.


   •  Financial Expert Support:  During the divorce process, I can review
      and give input on financial data, retirement plans, benefit plans,
      business records, tax returns, and all other financial data.


   •  Date Collection/Budgeting Support:  I can help your client collect
      the needed data to prepare pre and post divorce budgets and the
      financial affidavit.


   •  Client Expectations Support:  Many clients enter the divorce
      process with unrealistic post-divorce financial expectations, and it
      is important that they receive reliable financial analysis along the
      way.  I can relieve you of that burden, enabling you to focus on
      the legal issues.


    •  Evidence Presentation Support: In meetings with the client, with
      the client and his or her spouse and attorney, mediation sessions,
      arbitration hearings, and the trial, I can be asked as a CDFA™ to
      present evidence to show the financial impact of different settlement
      options or information related to tax, investment, or retirement plan


As an attorney, you serve as the quarterback of your client’s divorce team.  You help you client navigate the legal complexities of divorce and advocate on your client’s behalf for the best settlement possible.


As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, I work as part of your support infrastructure, helping you deliver the outcome that your client deserves.     


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