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Divorce Counselors and Therapists

  As I am sure you are aware, divorce happens to more than 2.2 million people every year.  Sadly, even the best efforts of marriage counselors and therapists cannot always help to prevent divorce. As a therapist you know that many times the emotional issues of divorce can be greatly compounded by the financial stresses that your client may be dealing with, possibly even manifesting into physical ailments as well.  

Without someone specifically trained in the specialty of divorce financial matters, even with the best efforts of legal consultants and other professionals, we often see one partner left penniless, while the other continues to prosper.  

 As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst my aim is to encourage a more “Peaceful Divorce”, where all the partiescan move forward with an equitable settlement that strives to foster peace with the past and hope for thefuture. This is especially important for the children involved.  

 As a CDFA™, I provide an objective viewpoint in an emotionally charged situation, creating a sense of calm in the center of the storm.  I work with clients to find out what their true goals are in the division of the marital assets and then do my best to work a plan to achieve those goals if possible.  Sometimes, as well, I am there to provide a reality check for what is necessary in order to move on financially in their lives.  Always, I am there to guide them in a compassionate manner that honors and respects their unique life situations.

 You can be rest assured that if you refer your clients to work with me,  I will always have your clients best interests in mind as I support their efforts financially, which will ultimately help heal their emotional and physical being as well.


My support role as a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst™ is to review and give your client input on financial data, retirement plans, benefit plans, business records, tax returns, and all the other financial matters that have long-term implications if not handled right.   


    1.    I will be able to provide valuable support at several points...


    2.    Evaluating the financial implications for different divorce settlements before the case is even filed.

    3.    Helping you to convince your client to accept realistic expectations about their post- divorce financial situation.


    4.    Presenting charts and other evidence to show the financial impact of different settlement options during client meetings, mediation sessions, arbitration hearings, and if you go to trial.

    5.    Collecting data to prepare the financial affidavit and pre and post divorce budgets.


I will examine the financial issues of your client’s divorce and provide them with powerful computer-generated financial data to support their legal case.  When they see that their fiances will be in order and they can survive, then they can get on with their continued emotional healing.


 Their Anger is only a mask of their fears. Together we can reduce their anger and calm their fears.

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